Joji’s Diner Singapore

Joji’s Diner Singapore is an American fast food restaurant. There are two outlets of Joji’s Diner at prime locations in Singapore: Serangoon and Telok Ayer. The Joji’s Menu includes burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, and milkshakes. The restaurant reviews are generally good, and it’s well-known for its genuine American cuisine and welcoming staff. The atmosphere radiates a welcoming and charming outlook and has an old-school retro inspired ambiance. 

The restaurant is open for 24 hours and is often busier on weekends, so it’s better to book a reservation. You can reserve a seat by calling the restaurant directly or visiting one of their nearest outlets. The staff at Joji’s Diner Singapore is very friendly and you can also ask them about their suggestions on restaurant famous dishes. Some of the restaurant’s must-try signature dishes are: Big Brekkie, Classic Cheeseburger, and Baby Back Ribs.

What Makes Joji’s Diner So Popular?

There are few factors that contribute to Joji’s Diner’s popularity which are:




Proven Quality



Jojis Diner
Jojis Diner Experience
Jojis Diner Food

What Are Some Popular Dishes At Joji’s Diner Menu?

Some of Jojis Diner SG most famous dishes include:

The Big Brekkie 

Breakfast items such as bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans, hash browns, and toast are all included in The Big Brekkie. It’s an excellent way to begin the day.

Classic Cheeseburger and Fries

A juicy beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles are the ingredients of the American classic cheeseburger with fries. Along with a side order of crispy fries, it is served on a toasted bun. 

Muddy Lava

This mini lava cake is served warm and gooey with a side of ice cream. Made with rich chocolate cake batter that has a molten chocolate center. It’s a decadent and delicious treat. 

Big Bang

The main component of the beverage is the chocolate milkshake base, which is probably made with milk, rich chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup for extra richness. Next, a generous serving of whipped cream is added on the top, giving it a creamy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Joji’s Diner is an American cuisine restaurant that serves burgers, hot dogs, fries, pancakes and milkshakes.

Joji’s Diner is not halal certified. Their menu includes pork and other non-halal ingredients.

Some of the popular dishes on Joji’s Diner Menu include Classic Cheeseburger and Fries, The Big Brekkie, Baby Back Ribs, Chili Cheese Fries, Chilli Dog, Pancakes and Milkshakes.

Joji’s Diner offers a wide range of dishes like vegetarian and halal options, including the Veggie Burger and Halal Classic Cheeseburger.

Jogi’s Diner Singapore is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The operating hours may vary.

Yes Joji’s Sg offers takeaway and delivery options through delivery platforms like Deliveroo and GrabFood.

It is recommended to make reservations, which can be done directly via the Joji website or by giving the restaurant a call in advance. This avoids long wait times, particularly on weekends and during peak hours.

Final Words

Joji’s Diner Singapore provides a unique and satisfying experience, whether you are hungry for a traditional American cheeseburger, a rich chocolate milkshake, or a sense of Americana nostalgia. It is understandable why this cafe has grown to be a favorite among both locals and visitors with its hearty meals, welcoming staff, and retro atmosphere. So take a seat, order your favorite comfort meal, and travel back in time to enjoy Joji’s magic.

customers say


You can read the following Joji’s Diner reviews and will know that why we are a great American cuisine restaurant in Singapore.

Jeremiah SuJeremiah Su
03:39 09 Apr 24
This is an experience in itself. Brought my American friends here before and they say it’s not really an American diner…but we are none the wiser!Decor is so nostalgic and it’s a whole vibe.The food though, nice!! Have tried their chicken waffles before and was great.Their steak and fries though woohoooo this was on another level. Steak was juicy and tender, and well seasoned. Wasn’t dry and gross for a fast concept diner.Their shakes also are vein clogging good.Come just to experience this, but suggestion is to come early because the queues get insanely long.
paul taypaul tay
07:27 08 Apr 24
So so
Chong MelvinChong Melvin
01:13 08 Apr 24
Stanley PangStanley Pang
14:36 07 Apr 24
Mac'n'cheese + garlic bread was great! We loved the big bang, muddy lava and pink lemonade too.Blueberry pancake was too sour for our liking.
07:13 07 Apr 24
Was there on 6th April 2024, Saturday at 1am. The girl at the counter taking order was rude and condescending. Ordered waffles and strawberry milkshake, it was absolute trash. The worst quality of food you can get. Skip this trash place.
Genevieve RaeGenevieve Rae
17:23 06 Apr 24
👎 waiting time can range between 1-2 hours towards midnight👍 staff are friendly still despite large customer traffic👍 if u sat inside the diner, it has that classic American diner feel & is cold inside to beat the heat we are currently experiencing in SGMeal 1: Steak & Eggs ⭐️~ $24The whole meal was super dry. At least they go the medium rare part correctMeal 2: All Star Platter ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ~$15.90Potato wedges & scrambled eggs were decentMushroom could use seasoning and maybe a change to portobello. Pancakes were overcooked and tasted super dry. Baked beans & sausage were standard.Drinks: Iced Mocha & Iced LatteToo diluted. Both tasted exactly the same.Overall verdict:Not worth the hype nor the wait. Would definitely not be going back to try other things.Overall damage: ~$60
Indila DinethIndila Dineth
08:44 06 Apr 24
04:12 06 Apr 24
Edmund LamEdmund Lam
02:14 06 Apr 24
Diner in 80s retro theme. The deco, tables and chairs remind you of a 80s american style diner. Food was pretty good. Ordered the all star plate (rem to top up for potato hash if u like rosti), blueberry waffles and earle grey ice tea. Prices was reasonable and best of all, they are open 24hrs.
eunhae biasedeunhae biased
22:35 05 Apr 24
Visited this place on a Saturday morning at around 0600hrs, restaurant was pretty empty.Ordered the Farmers Plate and Morning Wood. Was really surprised at the serving size and it was absolutely delicious! Really tasted like the authentic American breakfast!!Will definitely patronise again 👍
16:08 05 Apr 24
Will never go back.
Jay JJay J
16:05 05 Apr 24
I’m so disappointed that we got cat fished kind of feeling. Fell for ads and social media exposure but nothing was as said.Bad queuing system, taking orders were messy, food menu was majority on Pork and Beef, I could count the chicken was under 3 or lesser in the menu. The worst part was the blueberry pancakes, I can’t even imagine how they thought it was a good idea making it look such.
02:53 05 Apr 24
Wai YanWai Yan
09:15 03 Apr 24
Jason LimJason Lim
00:19 03 Apr 24
18:24 02 Apr 24
Really great American diner. Burger was fantastic. Everything really tasted great. I list service lower as you order from counter m but was easy.
Christiana LChristiana L
05:42 02 Apr 24
What I liked about this place was the pricing and the taste of the food. Had the pancake and sausage. Pancakes had a tinge of cinnamon and is quite sweet by itself.The fried squid was good but I note that sometimes it can get over fried. Sauce was yummy though.
05:02 02 Apr 24
07:45 31 Mar 24
The smash burger is hands down the best burger in SG, must try
Lee Joon KiatLee Joon Kiat
13:32 30 Mar 24
Food was soso for the price. Portions are bigger than average, but small considering the price. I think I went there with too high expectations because my friends kept wanting to go there. Service was good, great atmosphere. Crowded most of the time so do remember to ask for a queue number from them when you enter
marissa lavanyamarissa lavanya
10:15 30 Mar 24
Amazing music, delicious food and quick service. Loved the nostalgic American diner feels.
Kenn ChenKenn Chen
06:37 30 Mar 24
Food is good enough with the price. Overall good place to have brunch.
00:08 30 Mar 24
Han Guang ChinHan Guang Chin
15:02 29 Mar 24
Grace TanGrace Tan
06:14 29 Mar 24
My go to supper place, I love their fried chicken and waffles, all star plate, blueberries pancakes and amazing drinks!
Yinkiat ChongYinkiat Chong
02:21 29 Mar 24
Andrew ChaiAndrew Chai
01:25 29 Mar 24
Authentic American breakfast with chili sauce, something you can’t get in US. Food is good and the atmosphere really feels American.
Alex ChewAlex Chew
16:05 28 Mar 24
Very interesting concept: old style American diner. Loved the concept. The food was also really delicious! The buttermilk pancakes and bratwurst is a must-try!
Salini GSalini G
17:48 27 Mar 24
Came for supper to Joji’s at 1am. No queue. Ordered the Plain pancakes, Cajun Squid fritters and Americano.The Cajun squid fritters was amazing. The seasoning was spicy and salty and paired very well with Cajun Mayo provided on the side. Add a squeeze of lemon for the extra zest, you won’t regret!The plain pancake had cinnamon in it, and that had a nice touch of flavour that went well with the dollop of Butter and maple syrup.
Good food, ambiance is great, service is ok not bad nor great. No cash transaction.
Clo’s LaobuClo’s Laobu
14:26 26 Mar 24
Came on a weekday 6pm and the crowd is forming. Make sure to let the staff acknowledge you before moving away as the queue can be messy at times. As they is no proper place to stand around the premises. Luckily the staff have a good memory who is next in the queue.Waffle & chicken and serving is huge. The waffle is crispy and fluffy which blended well with the chicken thighs meat and a sunny side up. Maple syrup is provided on the table.Mac & Cheese is rich in cheese and creamy that comes with 2 roasted bread.Bird burger is recommended too. The chicken is cooked to perfection and goes very well with the bun.Cajun Squid Fritters is delicious.Strawberry paddle pop and big bang are really sinful. It reminds of me Billy Bombers that was years back then.Will come back again for other dishes.A total $79 is well spent.Parking is easy as it’s just along the road side.
12:41 26 Mar 24
Rude staff managing the cashier station on 26/03 820pm.A tall and slim dude with puffy hair, looks younger than 20.Proceeds to raise his voice at me the second time to enquire about my table number when taking order. Place was loud and i had trouble reacting to his first time asking it.Throughout the order taking process, gave a nonchalant attitude and continuously swings and flaps a table towel while leaning against the cashier.0/10 staff.
Devi poojaDevi pooja
10:47 26 Mar 24
Ordered Scrambled cheese egg, Sausage, Shredded potato. I was looking for dessert session not much. The waiting is very long 45mins to 1 hour.
vsxd 7vsxd 7
09:08 26 Mar 24
Called them 9times over 2 days and no answer and when finally they pick up the lady on the phone was damm rude really wan to come down and slap her face. I said i wanna make reservation she said only pre table available so i asked her whats that and she just hung up on me. Called back and ask her why she hung up while i was talking to her she simply said YAA… no point food nice if got this type of cb staff
Miss CMiss C
07:24 26 Mar 24
A hidden gem in Serangoon estate.We headed to the restaurant to try the food during lunch time. The duck confit is delicious and very tender.Great food and cozy ambience!I will definitely check out the dessert menu.And staffs are friendly.
Chua Kee PinChua Kee Pin
20:56 25 Mar 24
One of my favourite places for brunch and plus this place never let me down whenever I brought a new friend over, they loved it instantly.
Chevy PehChevy Peh
11:37 25 Mar 24
The atmosphere and food were great. Just the service that was lacking very badly. Some of the staff were rude, and the queueing system was very messy.
Chee Tiong GooChee Tiong Goo
20:33 24 Mar 24
Rong GuanRong Guan
12:51 24 Mar 24
service is good. ate on sunday night. food overall was delicious, potato cubes lesser flavour than before
meien guimeien gui
01:12 23 Mar 24
Really enjoyed the food and vibes here. Waffles were excellent. The omelettes were sandwiched with cheese so that really added layers to the flavour and texture. The freshly squeezed orange juice could be better though.
Kester TanKester Tan
14:26 22 Mar 24
I had a very bad experience with joji’s diner staff they are extremely rude and bad. Please put a reservation sign outside. If you not only accepting walk in customers. When asking staff questions very bad in communicating with customers. Please do something about it.:(
Len NgLen Ng
12:53 22 Mar 24
Good authentic American Diner. The only thing missing is the apron clad waitress with a cigarette on her lips 🙂
Henry ChaiHenry Chai
04:47 22 Mar 24
Bing Qian LeeBing Qian Lee
15:14 21 Mar 24
13:21 21 Mar 24
Lin EvaLin Eva
23:58 20 Mar 24
A very typical American style but Waffle & chicken was not available
Varsha SaravanVarsha Saravan
19:46 20 Mar 24
Food was good and portions were big. Sides did not seem very fresh though as the potatos seemed soggy. The place was nicely decorated and had the standard American feel although a little unhygienic as there were flies, utensils were greasy and there was a small hole in the wall loosly covered by a poster beside the seat. We went in before dinner rush (~7pm) if not be prepared to queue for seats
Ben AwBen Aw
17:01 20 Mar 24
Food was flavourful and tasty, but no idea why the bill includes service charge. We had to order the food ourselves at the counter. The utensils and sauces are on the table self service. So why charge your customers service charge?This just doesn't make any sense
07:20 20 Mar 24
Come and try.. 👍
Shaun LeeShaun Lee
05:13 20 Mar 24
Good food at a reasonable price, good atmosphere with the American diner vibes, but prepare for a long queue especially during dinner or lunch time!
Riva MascarenhasRiva Mascarenhas
15:38 19 Mar 24
Big slay!!💅
S OngS Ong
11:27 19 Mar 24
Very good American diner food, for the price point and generous portion size. Waffles had crispy exterior with soft interior; scrambled eggs so light and fluffy. Better to come with a group to try different items! Except that seating is limited, do avoid peak hours on Fri-Sun.
Simon TeoSimon Teo
06:57 19 Mar 24
Quite a small place. Need to queue if you are coming during peak hours. Aircon & fan is on high so it’s quite cold. Get a shawl if your lady is afraid of cold. Cos the cold air keeps blasting. Service is good however food is what you usually get at American diners.
Jonathan HaJonathan Ha
11:23 18 Mar 24
Chong Ren Yu (Sji)Chong Ren Yu (Sji)
01:34 18 Mar 24
Atmosphere has a very classic american feel, food is a little salty. They rickrolled us
kimberly anne chankimberly anne chan
20:00 17 Mar 24
3am foods taste extra delicious... Been here 2nd time didnt dissapoint... Love it
excifilecia jubileeexcifilecia jubilee
19:58 17 Mar 24
Come for breakfast in early morning. Food serve very fast and delicious. One of my fav diner place.
19:04 17 Mar 24
First time here and my gosh...subpar quality western food. Sad piece of bacon, atrocious slimy mushrooms 🤮the only redeeming item on the plate was the sausage and scrambled eggs. Milkshake was nasty. You're paying for the hype for a "retro" American diner that Singapore doesn't have at the moment.
daryl leedaryl lee
08:48 17 Mar 24
Expect a long wait over peak period on a weekend. A few of their items were sold out already and it would be better if they could inform us beforehand on what was not unavailable. Overall, it was a delicious and filling meal!
Albert Ang (2Chubby)Albert Ang (2Chubby)
09:59 16 Mar 24
Sunshine RaySunshine Ray
23:09 15 Mar 24
Mrinal NandiMrinal Nandi
15:10 14 Mar 24
Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber
14:00 14 Mar 24
The diner is quite small. They don't accept reservation. More suitable for breakfast or brunch.
11:45 14 Mar 24
The food was incredible, they served the best waffles I’ve ever had, the blueberry french toast was amazing and the chips seasoning was delicious. The atmosphere is really cute too, just don’t look too close in some places.
Flashcat 527Flashcat 527
07:50 14 Mar 24
a La L
15:46 13 Mar 24
more of a place to hangout and chill, sandwich is not really what i expected? would have preferred if the beef chilli was on the side instead and chilli wasnt rlly good either. My friend had their chicken waffle tho, it was REALLY GOODD
10:49 13 Mar 24
Nice place for meals no matter is it lunch or dinner. Lovely staff, they were super even though it was a busy day.
Overcrowded. Full pretty normal
yasmin heyuyasmin heyu
01:34 13 Mar 24
food was great 👍 nice place to hang out at, but a tad bit pricey because there’s 10% sc. would go back, but not so soon because i am trying to look after my arteries too 🤘
18:56 12 Mar 24
Scrambled eggs restaurant
Adrian LeeAdrian Lee
14:35 12 Mar 24
Was there for desserts but kind of disappointed with the quality. Had a creamy banana shake (not wow), friends had blueberry waffles with ice cream (waffle texture dough heavy and clumpy, not sure why) and lava cake dish which is likely a mocrowaved piece. And halfway through, one part of the ceiling collapsed! Thank goodness nobody gets seriously hurt... 😓😓😓
Teng MamaTeng Mama
13:06 12 Mar 24
Duck on mash is not really my likings, duck meat us very tender though. The rest of tge items in my photos are nice👍👍👍 expect a little waiting time during peak hours. I was there around 6:30pm and waited 30mins to get my seats. Limited parking, there’s a near by hdb that you can try and walk over.
12:48 12 Mar 24
I would say is for the hype good supper place but the portion are very big so beware if you eating only for 2 or 3 people can consider to share.Quite oily and sweet which is normal cause is American style food thus the size.I feel like everyone can hear everything so be careful of ur convo cause many might hear ur tea 👀🤭Is a small diner la so expect some waiting time for a seat and for girl with long hair tie ur hair cause ur hair confirm smelly from the food air or can bring some dry shampoo or perfume.Tables kinda dirty cause they don’t wipe they just keep the plates and etcCan give it a try is not bad la 🤭
Dharshini SoftballerDharshini Softballer
12:00 11 Mar 24
We ordered English Platter with pancake & mac & cheese. The mac & cheese tasted like the 2in1 from NTUC, it was so dry but the toast that came along was so good i would pay for the toast but not for the mac & cheese. As for the English platter the scramble egg, potato, pancake was the nice, but the sausage was horrendous. I would not go back again. Customer service was pretty poor & no service recovery. When visiting during weekend there is a 1.5hrs dining period, they're very strict about it even if you're not done with your food they would keep coming back to ask you to leave
Toby BonangToby Bonang
13:40 10 Mar 24
Mavis Ong sze jiaMavis Ong sze jia
13:24 10 Mar 24
THE FOOD IS so good
Faizal SahariFaizal Sahari
01:51 10 Mar 24
If only it’s Muslim friendly 🥲
Teo Teng KiatTeo Teng Kiat
11:40 09 Mar 24
Jerome PangJerome Pang
11:12 09 Mar 24
intan izzatiintan izzati
06:45 09 Mar 24
came at 2.06pm & queued & due to high volume i was told to wait outside of the diner for 25mins which i agreed, by an indian lady (did not get her name). waited outside for 24 minutes, noticed other patrions getting in before us with the same pax. when she came to me, mentioned that i was lying when i said that she told me to wait outside. then told me that she was supposed to get my name & my booking which she did not ask me for & asked me why she did not take my name. which is nonsense because its her job. and kept saying that i was wrong and was lying to her face. this is absurd!! i waited for so long with high expectations but lousy service. lousy service = lousy food = lousy experience.
Lucy BLucy B
07:43 07 Mar 24
omg can’t believe i saw 小甘 from CB dogs eating angmoh food!! joji diner damn power
Hazeline GohHazeline Goh
05:09 07 Mar 24
Great that it's 24 hours. Portions are a little big for me. Will return for the value.
Stanley LimStanley Lim
04:06 06 Mar 24
Joaye OngJoaye Ong
03:30 05 Mar 24
Love everything there so much that went 2 days consecutively. Price reasonable and ac very strong. Highly recommended. Best of all, it’s 24hrs.
Wanyi LimWanyi Lim
16:01 04 Mar 24
Ordered their blueberry pancakes, the portion of sauce was quite generous, great atmosphere to hang out late night
Marco ChuaMarco Chua
10:39 04 Mar 24
Loved the place! Mac and cheese was so goood, super cheesy and creamyPancakes were awesome too
Rajesh RajamanikamRajesh Rajamanikam
09:27 04 Mar 24
09:47 03 Mar 24
Prithu SrivastavaPrithu Srivastava
02:56 03 Mar 24
Amazing chicken waffle. Our first experience
Matthew LeeMatthew Lee
16:08 02 Mar 24
Avoid coming here during peak hours or over the weekends. All other time periods, barely filled.No real complaints of the food at their prices. Judging by the deep color tone of the fried chicken at the next table, deep fat fryer shortening needs to be more frequently changed. Beef lamb chilli carne was a little on the dry side.Speedy food service. Quick table turn around.
Chloe TanChloe Tan
15:01 02 Mar 24
Ok, wasn't expecting the wait to be so long. We waited about 40mins for 2 pax, while we heard groups of 4 or more had to wait 1.5hrs!! Cray cray, but such is life on a weekend evening. Take note that you don't just wait around when you arrive, but make sure you get the waiter to get you a queue number, cos if not, you might end up standing there for another 15 mins without realizing everyone else already has a number.Menu was larger than what I see on Google reviews, but no more rosti, and slightly more pricey. Nonetheless, price point is still lower than most restaurants and the food tastes pretty good, just like what I imagine it to be. Every dish was quite solid 🤩Mac & cheese (nubbad, $7.90) - 4/5Loaded tater tots ($8.90) - 5/5, biggg portion with generous toppings & so much more worth than ordering the sides, cos curly fries alone is already $7?Chicken waffle ($13.90) - 5/5, big portion which we couldn't finish in the end since we were two pax eating 3 mains haha. The waffle is solid good!! I would love to have the waffle with ice cream!! Haven't eaten a GOOD waffle for the longest time (esp when ice cream shops waffles have been so disappointing lately). So was just pleasantly surprised that every dish that came one after another was just, as expected + GOOD (cos sometimes yknow, just one dish is good or that waffle is tasteless or portion small etc).Strawberry lemonade was also nubbad ($5.90)All in all, though I wouldn't wait 40 mins again next to a busy road & smelling all the exhaust, but the food was worth the wait & at decent prices! 😆
Blessed MomBlessed Mom
04:33 01 Mar 24
Love the squid fritters. Would love to go back and try other stuff but will have to consider again when I think I have to take the cutleries/syrup/sauces from the table beside me makes it awkward and uncomfortable. Shows they're either not willing to spend on cutleries/syrup/ sauces nor set up tables and separate them when it's crowded. Sorry but you don't understand that we generally don't like to have to share and like privacies.
K TanK Tan
18:38 29 Feb 24
Joji’s dessert is very good especially their blueberry pancake.Mostly all day breakfast menu and food is better than most cafes.Price is reasonable, dining area is quite cramp but cosy and have the 60's american cafe feel.Place is always busy after 6pm and expect some waiting time.Have a few tables outdoor but too stuffy and noisy.Now open 24 hours.8/10
Fiona PohFiona Poh
16:13 28 Feb 24
food was ok but service was terrible... staff rolled eyes @ me and the cleanliness was horrible!!!! big cockroach appeared right next to me. lost my appetite after seeing it & left.
Kwa Hui MinKwa Hui Min
07:22 27 Feb 24
Andy TanAndy Tan
06:09 25 Feb 24
Queue management system is non-existent. Severely understaffed with no front of house. Diners are left unaware of when they are next or if they are even in the Q
Leanne HobbinsLeanne Hobbins
04:02 21 Feb 24
I ordered the "morning wood" but the menu didn't mention that it would come with gravy or jam. The staff sat us down then seemed to have forgotten about us. We didn't know the procedure for ordering or even getting a menu. Maybe it was just too busy? The food was nice though despite the menu not being clear. Please update it! Thanks!
Elaine YElaine Y
01:51 21 Feb 24
The chicken and waffles were good with the maple syrup! Unlike other reviews that the waffle was too dry, I found it fluffy and it was alright taken alone or with the syrup. The loaded fries (in our case, tater tots) were good.Place is a little cramped, but reminds me of a classic American diner. Reasonable price points considering the food quality and portions.
Brilliant TanBrilliant Tan
06:59 19 Feb 24
Rajendran MurugasinRajendran Murugasin
06:13 19 Feb 24
Heng ChengHeng Cheng
07:32 18 Feb 24
In Kyoung JeongIn Kyoung Jeong
05:18 18 Feb 24
Nice place for Waffles.
Nicholas TayNicholas Tay
02:37 17 Feb 24
Food was very good. However the aircon was super cold especially at the tables near the door entrance
Vivien TengVivien Teng
15:06 16 Feb 24
Pricing wise quite reasonable. Waffle was quite dense, not the fluffy type, can be a little hard to swallow pairing it with the fried chicken. Chilli dog was average though the curly fries was quite nice.Squid fritters was alright. Dint really like the idea of some young ones hogging the seats. Drinks was a bit too sweet for us.
Chiew Siong SengChiew Siong Seng
17:02 15 Feb 24
staff are friendly, food was served reasonable fast as almost full house at midnight.Overall, I really like what I eat, see, and feel. it's remain me of the good old days at bugis Billy bombers
Joel I N LeeJoel I N Lee
13:37 15 Feb 24
Joji is a diner one would’ve missed if one would drive too fast along upper Serangoon road. It’s a 50’s cafe open 24/7 Address: 534 Upper Serangoon Road. Pancakes, waffles, steak and eggs, milkshakes etc all in good size portions. It’s usually packed and reservations is when you arrive and put your name and hp# down. Best time to go is after 2am or 2pm 😃
Putri Iin AlimsijahPutri Iin Alimsijah
14:31 04 Feb 24
One of a kind in singapore and 24 hours too! Loved the cinnamon waffles. Chicken tasted like kfc and not dry! Husband loved the strawberry milkshake, personally not a fan. But it's a good place, recommended! But yeah, super greasy floor. Dear staff, please mop more often?
Gillian LinGillian Lin
05:55 04 Feb 24
Retro looking restaurant, slightly out of the way, but still walkable from Serangoon station.Food is acceptable for such price, and considered that this is a cafe, price is very reasonable.We like the Mac and Cheese here.. also had the Rosti and Waffle with Chicken cutlet.Will be back again to try out others.Service wise, nothing bad, it's just touch and go type.
Melon GohMelon Goh
20:40 03 Nov 23
Mostly youngsters dining in this restaurant. I didn’t find the food delicious. The waffle was a bit too dry. Must add the syrup. The grilled chicken chop and potato cubes were a bit too salty. Bacon was too dry but the scrambled egg was ok.The food portion was very generous.. 👍🏻 and the price was affordable too. 👍